Gina Jeanz shares with us the ‘Lucid Theory ‘

Namibian electronic music producer/DJ Gina Jeanz closes out the year with her debut album Lucid Theory. The project is a fusion of different sounds and musical styles composed of a wide variety of African vocalists such as Sio, Moonga K., Brad Knight, Jordan Baker, and AliThatDude. Jeanz delivers an electronic music masterclass for listeners to get lost in as she takes listeners on a musical journey while showcasing her creative prowess of Gina Jeanz as a producer/composer.

The project opens up with the instrumental “Overstimulated,” a mid-tempo record that is built on fuzzy bass lines, ethereal synths, and airy harmonies. It sure sets the tone and gives listeners a whiff of what to expect. The fun really picks up with the single “Sun Spot” which features vocalist Sio. It has a slow build-up and slowly rises as Sio’s sublime vocals come into play alongside the punchy drum grooves and nostalgia-inducing soundscape. On “Can’t Pretend,” Jeanz crafts a smooth jazz/soul backdrop that strays completely from the more electronic aesthetics of the previous songs. She also brings in singer Moonga K for the vocal assist and he completely kills it with his commanding soulful renditions. Things change once more on the groovy “Amagroove” which blends afro-house, Amapiano with future soul vibes. There is much to unpack here from the stuttered vocal chops, thick African toms, and an undeniable groove that keeps you bopping your head.

Singer Brad Knight makes a resounding appearance on the hypnotic future soul track “After Hours.” A mid-tempo ethereal track that dwells on being lost in the moment and the icing on the cake being Knight’s sultry vocal performance. Other solid tracks include the previously released “We Move” and “Dopamine,” the former has an Afro-garage bounce while the latter is ripe with a mix of South African-house and bright textures. 

Born and raised in Namibia, and now based in South Africa, Gina Jeanz took time out to perfect her craft during the first global lockdown. She started with Red Bull on their Made In 72 Hours project last summer, before ending 2020 with two EPs of her own, Rhythm Chronicles and Motion. In that time, the producer, DJ, and composer produced and recorded her debut album Lucid Theory.

Stream/Download Lucid Theory here.

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