Ginger Rodriguez embraces anxiety in new single “don’t panic (panic!)”

Dark and moody, Austin, Texas singer-songwriter Ginger Rodriguez‘s latest single “Don’t Panic (Panic!)” is suited for the world’s current ambiance: its injection of anxious thoughts, uncertainties, and occasional blasts of optimism in a hazy synth-pop serum somehow hits the spot. While it may seem reasonable to wish for lighter tunes during anxious events, at times we all need to face the demons that crouch around us.

There is a futuristic feel to the production of “Don’t Panic (Panic!),” a sort of frigid tinge that fits the occasional staccato verses that give way to beautifully sung hooks, and the ever-droning synths that hypnotize and create the distressed world Rodrigez crafts. For as young as Rodriguez is, there is a maturity to her voice that fits the bill of experience the song’s theme demands. Rodriguez seems to grow in confidence as the track progresses, or perhaps it is that the listener embraces the all-too-familiar panic that at times grips us all. internally apocalyptic but eerily uplifting.

From its synth embellishments to its ascending bassline, as well as its irresistible hooks, “Don’t Panic (Panic!)” is a single that broods in a familiar way and manages to slither its way into the heart with a hard pulsating rhythm slow and deadly. Self-observation is a sort of juncture on the road that presents many paths of expression, Ginger chooses one often avoided, and reminds us all that we find ourselves there before we know it.

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