Girlhood’s “The Love I Need” is an athemic groove

Neo-soul duo Girlhood has just released a nostalgic and enamoring new single “The Love I Need,” a shining effort that rings with joy and positivity. This track is the first taste of Girlhood’s debut full length album that’s slated for release this summer, following their 2017 EP Girlhood Vol. 1. While “The Love I Need” maintains the traditional Girlhood staples of strong lead vocals, rich production, and soul inspired chord progressions, it takes a uniquely retro approach reminiscent of sample heavy electronic music from The Avalanches or Moby. This ambitious left turn is a soaring success for Girlhood, who comes through with one of the most infectious and uplifting songs of the year.

“The Love I Need” is an anthem in every sense of the word. It has a booming and celebratory instrumental with gorgeous lead vocals that preach self love and progress. The beat features a nice combination of electronic and soul elements that grooves similarly to an early track from The Avalanches. The many layers are mixed excellently, with the warm synths, pulsing piano chords, light string samples, and powerful vocal choruses each shining in their own special moments. These are all held together well with the boom bap drum beat that maintains a steady pace. Tessa Cavanna’s vocal performance is still the star of the show, as her angelic voice echoes proudly and cleanly throughout. Her repeated hook “I want you to see the love I need. Be aware.” is sure to get stuck in the heads and hearts of listeners. 

“The Love I Need” is the ultimate springtime bop. It pulses with a life and energy that is much needed right now, bringing an altruism that is incredibly contagious. This is easily one of Girlhood’s strongest tracks to date; it just feels so undeniably good.

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