Glass Dove drops “Patterns Of My Mind” featuring Liz Cooper & The Stampede x Desert Noises

Nashville’s Glass Dove have just unveiled his latest single “Patterns Of My Mind” featuring Liz Cooper & The Stampede x Desert Noises. Through fuzzy instrumentation, the slow-paced, dreamy track narrates the “feeling of missing somebody who you’re just not on the same page with.” Warm, effortless vocals from singer Josh Benus glide atop the vintage-tinged soundscapes while the delicately layered harmonies continue to build throughout the track, creating almost a choral of glowing voices.

“Patterns Of My Mind” showcases a beautiful combination of traditional Americana indie/rock and modern electronic elements, resulting in something that feels familiar yet unique – like a flash of déjà vu. Pondersome, romantic and wistful, the track details all the emotions of longing for someone, yet knowing the shoe just won’t fit. This dreaded feeling of uncertainty and wishing that things could simply fall into place is utterly relatable and Glass Dove makes us feel a little more human opening up about their own experiences.

Produced by Owen Biddle (The Roots, John Legend), “Patterns On My Mind” is the first single to be released off of the upcoming album, Half-Life Wilderness. Benus shares, “I want it to be as cathartic and healing for other people as it was for me. The production was very nuanced and calculated. There are textures throughout the whole record. There’s a common thread. Ultimately, I hope it makes you feel a little better.”

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