Glassio announces sophomore album with “Queen of the Silver City”

This time last year, Glassio released his debut LP For the Very Last Time. Today, he shares his newest track since then, “Queen of the Silver City”, ahead of his upcoming sophomore album See You Shine.

This track is probably Glassio’s brightest track yet, both sonically and lyrically. Sonically, a disco four-on-the-floor rhythm and shuffling hi-hat act as the backdrop for a stage of glimmering synths and bells. Glassio proves once again that he hasn’t lost his touch. With ease, he’s able to create such catchy and danceable hits.  

Lyrically, Glassio stated, “the song tells the story of someone sobering up out of a toxic relationship and driving through the long roads of the deserts of the Southwest to find this “Silver City,” and to find refuge in the love that awaits for them there….a new start.” I’m sure a lot of people could relate to wanting a new start, so this track can easily be the first song on the soundtrack.

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