Glassio debuts elegant single “A Million Doubts”

Glassio‘s new single “A Million Doubts” comes to us at a time when music provides a greater escape than usual; the song is a peek at a bigger story being told. What has allowed the Queens-based artist to stand out from his electronic contemporaries is the subtleties in his music, the details he excruciates over. Take the intricate, finger-picked acoustic guitar riff that opens “A Million Doubts” as a prime example. The riff lingers above the sweet synth ambiance of the track, the engaging vocal harmonies too, it sits gently like a rose petal atop expensive ice cream: more than a finishing touch and so enjoyable too.

The artist, perhaps due to the times, releases a melancholic song about people, youth, and the longing for both. Distance is a clear theme in “A Million Doubts,” which never stops perspiring a cool haze throughout its arpeggiating keys and swollen bassline. As “A Million Doubts” reaches its climax, the atmosphere expands, and the core ingredient of pristine electro-pop is reached. It is not unusual for Glassio to have melancholic undertones in his music, but this time they pierce with intent through each chord change.

Glassio is looking forward to a better summer as this latest single serves as the announcement for his upcoming debut LP For The Very Last Time, out on July 23rd. Glassio has jolted into the electro-pop scene with distinct singles and an enthralling 2019 EP that is still buzzing. The upcoming record should help expand on Glassio’s theme of detail-oriented storytelling within electro-pop tunes, providing an empty book for Glassio’s sonic strokes to write a story you can listen to intently and feel intensely.

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