Glowe shares the sassy new single “you won’t even call me on my birthday”

UK artist Glowe shares her latest R&B infused single “you won’t even call me on my birthday.” Layered with warm melodies and pop vibrancy, this latest release is a pure 2020 bop.

Filtered with lush beats, the R&B tinged sonics in this new release craft a rose-tinted haze throughout. “you don’t even call me on my birthday” shows the strength in realising your own worth and overcoming those who don’t even drop you a message on your birthday – rude. Outlined with sleek production, the single showcases Glowe lush vocal delivery. 

“‘you won’t even call me on my birthday’ is about being estranged from someone important,” Glowe shares. “You thought that maybe on a day as special as your birthday they might have put your differences to one side. You’re having a banging time anyway but just wish they would get over it and join the fun.”

It’s clear that Glowe brings something fresh to the table with each new release, something that will continue to make her a household name. 

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