Go “FASTER” with neumodel and AKA George, straight to their exclusive mix [Premiere]

If you’re a child of the ’90s, then your musical memory most likely consists of conflicting flashes of grungy anthems and syrupy pop dance numbers. While every decade has managed to define itself with an undisputed signature sound, the years leading up to the modern millennium seemed to be in constant contention between the mainstream electro pop trickling in from Europe and the eternally opposing rebel yells of the west.

It was a reality shared by the French duo neumodel, who flit between radio-friendly hooks and alternative sub-bass riffs throughout the course of their extensive releases and EPs. But when it came time to record their debut album, they made it clear which influences they would model it after, dropping the keyboards, synths, and samples, and picking up a guitar instead. Along with their beloved sub and help from various ‘pop vocals’, Rock — their debut album scheduled for release on April 17— is slated to become their most inspired work yet. But before all that, EARMILK has the exclusive premiere of their newest single “FASTER”, featuring the vocals of AKA George to give you a glimpse at what happens when ’90s grunge means contemporary electro. 

“We were born in the 90’s and we grew up with Korn, Rammstein, Slipknot and Marilyn Manson albums…our album and the electro-rock sounds vibrating through it is a vivid tribute to this music that resonates with us and which still has a lot to say,” the duo shared in a recent statement. Adopting a Nirvana-inspired twangy guitar riff on “FASTER”, neumodel quickly takes to the dark notes of the decade that defined them, finding the perfect balance between bitterness and privilege. While the use of vocals can often balance out the density of a bass-heavy track, AKA George’s presence does nothing of the kind. Instead, his falsetto cries beckon a warbling bass so heavy, you might have to take a seat just to receive it. 

Surprisingly, “FASTER” doesn’t boast of a muddled production. On the contrary, it’s incredibly modest and clean. A stark reminder that whatever their creative influences may be, neumodel’s compromises will never be found in their technical skills. A feat they celebrate even further with an exclusive mix curated for the pure memory of late nights, city lights, and the sense of belonging found in a crowded room. Something we could all use right about now. 


Example – All Night
Jaded – 4000hz (Sexroom, Paniek, The Fish House Boot Remix)
River Yarra – Oiseau et Moi
Weiss – Walk With Her
Boeboe – Robbery 
Zia – Fracture
Calypso Rose – Leave Me Alone (feat. Manu Chao) [Tony Quattro Remix]
Gaiser – Say What?
Elevator Musik – Bumpin 
Riton feat. Kah-lo – Rinse & Repeat (Volac Remix)
OMNOM – Bromosapiens
Dean Grenier – Individuate 
Chick Iverson – Did I
Jacob B – Cassette Tape (Grandmaster Mix)
Trance Wax – Trance 7 (Rework of Yves Deruyter’s ‘Back to Earth’) 
Lenny Kiser – Cool Guy Sound
Gaiser – Unstable Witness
Rebuke – Along Came Polly
Albzzy & Tengu – Shrapnel
Development – High Definition
Jacob B – The Limit

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