Golden Vessel shares his latest cut “that’s us” [Video]

Dropping single after single ahead of his sophomore album release next month, Australian artist Golden Vessel teams up with The Nicholas and Rei So La, on his latest single “that’s us”. Continuing his hazy, chilled alt-pop trajectory, the single 

Mixing a hazy concoction of indie-pop, “that’s us” swaddles with its warm, sepia-toned hue. Made for those long lost summer nights, the single emits a soft, nostalgic feeling, dripping in those memory-making moments that last a lifetime. With intricate electronics and plush guitar lines, the track is “about being away from friends and family (or people you don’t get to see very often) and getting really short burst of time with them that can feel great and overwhelming and then moving on till you cross paths again,” explains Golden Vessel.

Of the writing process, he says: “[The track] came together very easily, we started with an acoustic guitar recorded into a handheld tape recorder and built the song around that.”

It’s hard to not be addicted to Golden Vessel’s chilled tunes when they’re incredibly emotive, they’re laced with infectious melodies and vocals that are seemlessly dreamy. “that’s us” is yet another single that places Golden Vessel as a key artist of 2020. 

His sophomore album colt is released on October 15th. 

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