Goldwash delivers a heartbreaking ballad with "Lonely Summer"

Goldwash has proven himself as one of LA's premiere producer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalists thanks to his contributions to many of our favorite artist's projects, including Brockhampton, Kevin Abstract, Koji Radical, Berhana, Baird, and many many more. However within the last year Gold had decided to re-center his attention back to his own project by dropping a string of captivating singles starting with "Deliverance" back in March, using each subsequent release to showcase his many different musical fascinations. 

Goldwash's latest release, "Lonely Summer", is the final single before the full release of his upcoming, Arson Dreams LP. It's a groovy but somber breakup ballad that has Gold showing off his talents as an introspective songwriter. Each passion-driven lyrics is an earnest confession of a declining relationship. The song utilizes a rich sound-bed of soul, jazz, and pop instrumentation to create a beautiful, literal swan song for a truly difficult personal experience. 

Check out the single above and be sure to listen to Goldwash's Arson Dreams LP when it is released on October 27th.

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