Good Rzn bounces back on "Rebound"

There's something to be said for the independent artists out there crafting radio-ready pop hits completely unabetted.  Los Angeles pop duo Good Rzn is doing just that, crafting DIY-pop rock that sounds as polished as anything you'll hear from a major label artist.  Their newest release "Rebound" is a rock-solid example of this, with Ghirardini's virtuosic guitar work providing a dazzling background for the song to find its wings. 

The duo, consisting of vocalist Josie Molasky and producer Tommy Ghirardini, is coming off a stellar debut single "Sleep Talking," that defined their new-wave pop sound.  Their newest single "Rebound" builds upon the guitar-driven alternative pop that they already established with Molasky's crystal clear vocals easily cutting through a richly realized mix to build another memorable hook that lends itself to endless replays.  There's hints of grunge, garage, and psych-rock in the song, a testament to the eclectic ear of its producer.  A brilliant guitar solo elevates the track to a new level and announces the duo as a pair not to be taken lightly.  

There's a clear creative chemistry at work between the Angelinos that manifests itself through their two nearly perfect alternative-fueled pop ballads.  Any spin of the singles just makes one crave what the duo has coming next, as they make the producing and songwriting process look effortless and sound great while doing it.  

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