Grace Mitchell is back and serving up a fresh new sound in “MANGO”

Beloved act in the underground indie-rock world, Grace Mitchell is back with an infectious new single “MANGO.” Following a short hiatus from releasing new music, a departure from her major record label, and a focused retreat to her own brand new music sanctuary, this latest release is the first peek into what the independent artist has been working on and it’s a thrilling new sound for fans to be excited about. 

“MANGO” is a brilliant showcase of Mitchell’s signature blasé vocal delivery served on top of a bright catchy hook—a sound that many fans may find familiar to her earlier releases like “NoLo.” But this time around, the versatility in the songwriting and the seamless blend of various indie-rock and electronic song structures is a display of a now seasoned artist that has clearly been honing in and continuously developing her sound over these past few years. The playful guitar strums followed closely alongside the various vocal tones and led by a steady kick create an innocuous pace that moves the track along steadily to create something that’s inescapably infectious. 

Mitchell has been a closely followed act by many critics across the industry following a stunning debut Coachella performance in 2017 with a sound that straddles the line between a no-f*cks style rock and a catchy alt-pop that sets her music apart from the rest. Previous tracks like “Cali God” were bold experimentations that deviated from her typical rock sound and brought a sort of Billboard charts formula of subtle Trap influences while tracks like “Kids Ain’t Alright” featured a distorted electric guitar homage to a revitalized angsty punk rock. But somewhere in between, there was always a sweet spot waiting to be found. Mitchell succeeded at creating music for various categories and without ever having to be defined to a particular style. This latest offering is a testament to a hardened musician that’s traveled fearlessly across the music spectrum and is sharing honest music without any creative constraints.

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