Greg Tisdall is trying to reach us on his “CELLPHONE”

Greg Tisdall made his mark on 2020 already with the release of his last single “TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT ME” and now he’s teamed up with one half of hip-hop/pop duo Tebi Rex, Max Zanga for his newest track “CELLPHONE”. 

Tisdall’s music influence is not bound by genre, as his music regularly features various elements of funk, soul, R&B and indie rock. “CELLPHONE” is a prime example of why Greg Tisdall is one of the artists on the forefront of future R&B in Ireland. 

The sweet melodies on offer here are reminiscent of other releases from Tisdall’s catalogue, becoming somewhat of a motif woven throughout his work. The impeccable songwriting paired with a laidback acoustic vibe paints a phenomenal picture for the listener. This is further underlined by a phenomenal verse from rapper Max Zanga. A proven lyricist with a flair for storytelling, Max delivers one of his most potent and vulnerable performances to juxtapose the beautiful performance of the vocals. The chemistry on offer here is magnificent to say the least. 

I am unsure as to what to expect next from Greg Tisdall. The sheer number of possible outcomes for this soon-to-be star is baffling and I’m only surprised it has taken this long for people to recognise the amount of talent on offer from the young singer-songwriter. Keep an eye out for this one in the future as he will be a huge name in the music industry sooner or later. 

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