GREYSKIES is vulnerable yet euphoric on debut album 'The Mind Is Like The Moon'

Dark-pop musician GREYSKIES pulls us into his multi-genre sonic universe with transportive debut album The Mind Is Like The Moon, as uplifting pop soundscapes move seamlessly into moodier alt-rock underpinned by potent, emotional songwriting. The Iceland native weaves vibrant tales about everyday life, swaying between euphoria and vulnerability.

Starting off with the title track, the album establishes GREYSKIES’ gentle vocals crafting a delicate atmosphere for us to sink into. Moving from the softer touch of “The Mind Is Like The Moon,” into the anthemic guitar-led stylings of “Numb,” he quickly reveals the versatility of his voice as the haze of the first track clears to give way to deeper, clearer vocal quality.

Where tracks like “Eyes,” and “Evil,” continue down the vein of grungy guitars and hook-ridden melodies, others like “Rhoads,” offer feel-good instrumentals elevated by a soaring chorus. The glitchy arrangement of “Hurts So Bad,” makes it stand-out within the lush sonics of the rest of the 10-track collection, while emotive offering “Obsessed,” draws attention to his songwriting abilities.

“On The Run,” sees the genre-defying act lean into minimalist, acoustic sensibilities to bring more attention his soft yet powerful vocals blending seamlessly into velvety, earworm track “Big Bird,” with its combination of twinkling synths, guitars. Final track “End of the World,” taps fully into his alt-rock influence, starting off slow before the foreboding instrumental builds towards an epic finish.

Producing ethereal music that brings us into his every day, GREYSKIES who took his country by storm with his debut single last year has grown massively in short time with the strength of his personable yet relatable productions, and with the undeniable catchiness of his latest foray, he shows there’s no slowing down for him.

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