Haley Johnsen contemplates the passage of time in "Goner" [Video]

Portland-based musician and songwriter Haley Johnsen is known for her dazzling blend of dream pop meets indie folk rock. Her latest unveiling is the ruminative new single "Goner" which was conceived during the pandemic when the artist was staying in a tiny vintage trailer in a small town by the sea in Washington. 


Written in a bathtub, "Goner" is a pensive reflection of time slipping by and the loss of youth. Johnsen confides, " The pandemic had just about sucked my creativity dry, so I decided to get away for a solo retreat to write and demo out some new music. I was about to turn 32, and was feeling pretty melancholic about the loss of what could have been such a great year for my growth as an artist and woman". In "Goner", the songwriter so brilliantly conveys a sense of nostalgia and the inner turmoil that comes with the fight of growing older. Despite the poignant narrative, the single is a bright sonic gem complete with stacked harmonies, glowing reverb-drenched guitars and luminous genre-bending landscapes.

In the accompanying visuals, Haley Johnsen returned to the same location where she wrote the song, even going back to the vintage trailer. The hazy yet colorful visuals tie in the theme of nostalgia by highlighting the ultimate childlike escape complete with beach days and carousel rides. In the visuals, Haley Johnsen seems to be at peace with embracing her youthful curiosity and realizing that she doesn't have to give it up even though she is growing older. Besides Haley Johnsen's solo work, the prolific musician is often seen touring alongside Big Wild playing festivals around the globe. "Goner" is the first single and a taste of her forthcoming album.

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