Hannah Lou Woods celebrates love on “Fallen from the Stars”

Multi-instrumentalist, producer, and singer-songwriter Hannah Lou Woods delivers debut single “Fallen from the Stars,” from upcoming EP, Meet Me at the Pine Tree. An anthem about unraveling the layers of self-doubt and fear that prevent you from letting yourself be love, the track celebrates the power of someone loving you as you are.

An emotional and heartfelt acoustic ballad, built on elements of emotional and heartfelt acoustic ballad, the track is led by her wispy vocals and lush piano lines to offer up a folksy-bluesy-pop style number that feels genuine and heartfelt.

The inspiration for the song came as she was falling in love with her husband over a decade ago. They fell in love amongst juniper trees and red rock mountains in Sedona, AZ, and after returning to Boston, she started writing the song as a way to process and overcome her self-doubt that real love was possible, despite the long distance between them at that time.

Vulnerable and tender, the track taps into the overwhelming joy of real love and spending your life with someone. With the collection of songs being a wedding gift of love songs to her husband, “Fallen from the Stars,” is one of many sonic love letters from Woods that’s sure to set your heart alight.

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