Happyalone. release explosive track “Private Sedative” with dreamy B-Side “Silk”

Happyalone. are by far one of the most dynamic, interesting and overall game changing acts currently on the music circuit in Ireland and the UK. The Cork-based outfit recently joined up with the Real Fear Records roster and after a hugely successful tour and shows across the festival circuit they are back with two new tracks. 

“Private Sedative” is a stadium filling record with huge hooks and chorus’s that are clearly inspired by the likes of Bring Me The Horizon who the group recently collaborated with. The electronic production is unique but does not lose the punchy rock tag that has become a staple and signature sound of the Happyalone. crew. The lyrical content in this track is about unlocking the power of the mind and how any obstacle can be traversed and the human mind can and will overcome any mountain put in front of you. 

Paired with this, the trio have treated their fanbase to an emotional B-Side track “Silk” which showcases their production ability and ever surprising versatility within their catalogue. Creating a somewhat romantic score to our imagination, the track bleeds and angst filled string arrangement paired with unique electronic amplification and proves yet again that they can do no wrong, in almost any genre. 

These two tracks have further proven that Happyalone. are here to stay. The sheer talent on offer on these two tracks is nothing short of amazing and continues and run of form from the band that shows no signs of slowing down and we are extremely excited to see where they go from here. 

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