HARINA returns with the kickass tune “Liar”

Pop sensation HARINA shares her latest fierce endeavour with the fiery single “Liar”. An anthem for those who doubt your abilities, the track features hard-hitting beats and heavy pop tendencies, producing a slice of angsty, comeback pop.

Showcasing sugary-but-not-so-sweet vocals, and paired with a crashing chorus that catapults this pop anthem into all those haters faces, “Liar” is a brash assault to anyone who thought that HARINA lacked potential. In fact, this track completely destroys their arguments. “Liar” encases that attitude of proving someone wrong and swaddles it commercial pop sounds to create a classy tune. “”Liar’ is my badass anthem!” explains HARINA. “It instantly makes me feel stronger and that’s what I love about the song. Haters gonna hate – we can either let the judgement and fear paralyze us, or we can use it as motivation. I want to be a role model for all young people, especially young women – we are so powerful, no one has the right to tell us otherwise. So to all the haters, I say: thank you for doubting me, you’ll be the liar when I prove you wrong.”

If “Liar” is anything to go by, HARINA’s pop trajectory is only getting stronger with each release.

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