Harmony Dreamers debut pop laced release “Spinning Around the Sun” [Video]

Harmony Dreamers  have just released their latest single, “Spinning Round The Sun,” which is part of a trilogy of songs featured on their debut album, I Come From Earth.

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Despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, the track was written, recorded, and mixed in the group’s leader Byron Lee Scott’s solar-powered mobile studio unit. Known for their unique musical style, Harmony Dreamers create a vibrant and intricate sound that carry throughout the release.

During the pandemic, Scott purchased a travel trailer and set up a studio inside it, allowing him to live off-grid on propane and solar power. He traveled to remote areas of Arizona, California, and Nevada, where the album was eventually mastered at The Hideout Studios in Las Vegas.

“Spinning Round The Sun” is a captivating pop song that celebrates the beauty of life on Earth and the love that the planet receives from the Sun. The song is the first part of a larger trilogy that explores the connections between space, love, and the human experience. The second part, “Loving The Sun,” provides a more cinematic interpretation of the theme, while part 3, “Solar Rays,” presents an electronic dance instrumental version.

The “Spinning Round The Sun “trilogy showcases the considerable talents Scott, who performed nearly all of the synthesizers and vocals. Drummer and longtime band mate Larry Dragland contributed drum kit grooves to Scott’s many-layered percussion tracks, and Anna V from Perm, Russia, provided vocals. All of the orchestrations, synth bass, and electronic sounds were performed by Scott on Guitar Synthesizer.

Scott expresses his awe at the universe which is evident within the lyricism and overall tone of the track, which sets the stage for more music to come this year.

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