Harry Strange reveals dark-pop single “Turn Away”

Returning with another pop gem, UK artist Harry Strange releases the melancholic dark-pop single “Turn Away.” Following the previous EARMILK approved single “Four In The Morning”, this new track takes a different approach to songwriting by delving into moodier melodies and sadder lyricism.

Submerged in hazy synths and infectious underlying bass grooves, “Turn Away” captures the pain of continuing a relationship despite knowing it’s going to hurt you. Its sporadically woven melodies contribute to the layering of emotions, luring you in to listen over and over until you feel like this song is about you. “[It’s] about asking someone to leave even though you want them to stay,” explains Harry. “That dilemma of knowing something isn’t right but continuing down that path even though you know it’s going to end up hurting you more. So, Turn Away is that ripping off the bandaid, if you can’t stay, I’d rather you just leave now.”

With an inherent ability to create rousing tunes, Harry Strange is one of my favourite pop artists to come out of the UK this year. His intricacy of being able to tell these familiar narratives in such a delicate way is outstanding. I applaud his creativity and expertise. And there’s a new EP to watch out for very soon.

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