Harvey Brittain shares relatable new pop single, “Honest”

Preston, UK artist Harvey Brittain has shared a new single called “Honest”, co-produced by American DJ and producer H4RRIS. Splitting his time between the USA and UK, Brittain has been on a tear since releasing his debut single “It’s My Paris”, performing at iconic venues like Wembley Arena and The London Palladium. His latest offering “Honest” makes for a liberating listen through its usage of sunny, bright sonics and airy melodies, while keeping the lyrical content relatable and emotive.

“Honest” opens with glossy keys that ring out atop atmospheric backing vocals, which drop out momentarily as Brittain begins his verse. Weightless and sharply-crafted, his melodies build alongside the track’s dynamic instrumentation, as snapping percussion and reverb-soaked backing vocals are added to give the song a layered feel. Finally, “Honest” explodes into an infectious dance-infused chorus that uses driving percussion and energetic bass to create an enlivening sense of pace, immersing the listener in the track’s colorful soundscape.

The latest from UK artist Harvey Brittain, “Honest” explores focused songwriting and crisp, addictive sonics for a refreshing listen overall.

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