Heavy Hearts release the stadium-sized “Safe Bet”

Rock music, as loose a term as that is, has always walked a very wide road in terms of its parts, with all manner of different elements and trends lifted from one style and fused with the next. If you know where to look, there’s no doubt an artist that caters to whatever musical itch you may have. If you’re looking for emo, hard-hitting alt rock that simultaneously carries nostalgic and contemporary themes, then Heavy Hearts may just be your new favourite band.

Following on from “Vexed”, a transcendent track that staked their claim for 2020, the Ontarian five-piece emphatically return with the stadium-sized, and almost ballad “Safe Bet”. Their music is very much a sum of their influences, and while you can hear flavours of their inspirations peppered throughout the track, their arrangement, execution and unrelentingly emotive delivery set them head and shoulders above their contemporaries. The introduction to “Safe Bet” sets the atmosphere, but it’s the chorus that truly shines, with the emotively wrought vocal leading a driving, wall-of-sound that’s difficult to not get swept up in.

Speaking to the track via email, Heavy Hearts state that, “lyrically, ‘Safe Bet’ is the closest thing we’ve ever had to a love song, but when paired up with another track on the new record it tells a longer story.” With the two singles performing like an overture, appetites for more of this story on their sophomore album continue to grow.

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