Henry Fong teams up with Psycho Boys Club on electric single "Lights Out"

Electronic dance musician Henry Fong joins forces with Psycho Boys Club on heavy-hitting track “Lights Out,” fusing their individual sonic styles for a powerful techno offering. Uniting on Steve Aoki’s Dim Mak label, the the track layers swirling synths over relentless basslines, moving seamlessly from Fong’s sleek electro-influence to Psycho Boys Club’s gritty underground style.

Thrumming with an electrifying feel and fierce energy that transports us to the darkest and most tireless corners of festival stages, the hyper-anthemic track is elevated by strobe light drenched visuals, as serrating beats weave a hypnotic sonic world for us to lose ourselves in. 

Drawing from his decade-long, genre-hopping career, Henry Fong’s artistry meets the ferocious freshness of Juyen Sebulba and Stoltenhoff whose inventive arrangements have seen them skyrocket as Psycho Boys Club for an intricate fusion that establishes both acts as trailblazers in the industrial techno game.

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