Henry Was drops funky lo-fi house gem “Pink Cadillac”


Henry Was, known for his role as the drummer of Fantastic Voyage and Thumpasaurus, now taking on the producer role on his newest release “Pink Cadillac.” The track follows his two previous originals “Ill be With you” and “Cloudy Boi” both released on DJ and producer Justin Jay’s label Fantastic Voyage. Much like his prior releases, “Pink Cadillac” takes on a funky Lo-fi House approach with a cascade of groovy sounds.

“Pink Cadillac” boasts a funky bassline, melodic vocals, and ambient sounds that make for a vibe filled release from the emerging artist. While he is fairly new to original production, the track displays the energy and competencies that say otherwise. Aside from the great production on this undeniable lo-fi track, it also tells a very humorous story experienced by the artist. Was shares, “On the outside, a mix of hyper-hip French Rock, Toro y Moi, and lo-fi house. This overtly “cool” aesthetic is juxtaposed by the lyrics’ story of bumbling awkwardness. It’s the tale of a young man who just can’t muster up the courage to just say “no” to a much older woman making advances on him. Instead, he tries to lose her, and they spend an evening playing cat and mouse around the floor of a smokey, run-down casino.” 

With three original tracks under his belt via Fantastic Voyage, Henry Was has started to reinvent his image as a producer. Along with his solo projects, he has also collaborated with label head, Justin Jay showing his diverse set of production skills. While the artist is a new face as a solo act it is clear that this is a seasoned musician that brings a limitless skillset into the studio.

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