Henzo soundtracks Left, Right & Centre's fifth instalment on the Manchester label

Manchester’s resident party-starter, Henzo, soundtracks Left, Right & Centre’s 5th instalment on the label — serving four cuts of club-focused, mutant beats. Iron Lighter, which marks the DJ and producer’s first solo EP on the North-Western label, showcases Henzo’s signature style; slow-burning chuggers with a penchant for swagger. Featuring three original tracks and a remix from Mosca, this one’s going to be a bumpy ride.

Title track “Iron Lighter” builds layers of pressure, peppered with jungle drums, intensely bass-heavy moments and a  subtly hypnotic rhythm. If you looked up “chugger” in the dictionary, you’d be sure to find the Bandcamp link to this somewhere nearby. “Blister Pops” has us mentally locked into the club, wherever we may be physically. Evils wubs, dancehall-infused hi-hats and chopped vocal samples are all key ingredients to this wicked concoction; 95% vibes with just the slightest hint of dingy-ness, these are exactly the sort of tracks we want to be hearing blaring out of The White Hotel — or Soup Kitchen — soundsystem.

Taking us on a sultry journey down memory lane is “I’m Not Precious (Over What You Call It)”. Laden with ethereal synths and nostalgic energy, the track quickly slips into cosmic territory. Injected with just the right amount of percussion and bass to stay true to Henzo’s style, this one’s an emotional banger done in the most tasteful way possible. Iron Lighter is closed out with Mosca’s remix of the title track — a six-minute trip through the realms of UK Bass-focused music. A steady trip that packs an almighty punch, it’s the perfect way to round off an impeccable EP.

Iron Lighter can be streamed and purchased via Bandcamp.

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