Hermeth’s ‘Lost My Meth’ EP is in the running for 2020’s best electro record

Following from previous killer releases such as the squelching acid release “Am I A Joke to You”, Hermeth returns to Geneva-based label Brainwaves to guide us through another adrenalin-inducing rollercoaster of acid, electro, breakbeat and IDM. The 5-track EP Lost My Meth which features a remix from Barcelona’s DJ Frankie is, quite simply, one of the best electro releases of this last chaotic year, showcasing once again the raw talent inherent within the label maestros. 

Brainwaves · BWS014: Hermeth – Lost My Meth
The first track of the Lost My Meth EP is “Strictly Acid” sits on an electrifying acid-bass line while haunted synth-pads transmit the sonic space towards a breakbeat explosion. In an utter tonal shift, a muffled drum and bass break ensues before we are resurrected back into the electromagnetic groove propelled by a vocal shout sample reminiscent of 90’s UK DnB. 
The temptress second track “So” hints at a more light-hearted strand of electro with its relaxed opening. Nevertheless, such a visage is quickly dismantled, and soon enough the track is transformed into another breakbeat-infused electro hit. In both “Strictly Acid” and “So”, the piercing resurgence of Detroit techno is felt imminently – a revival of which Brainwaves have become incidental pioneers. 
“Chameleon” is the apex of the EP, armed with muted breaks, droning circus sirens and – of course – ye’ old faithful hard-hitting electro. While the original track is already an uncompromising anthem, the remix from DJ Frankie is equally as impressive and captivating. Their remix electrifies the track, breaking it down half-time in a syncopated dub-infused groove. When asked for a comment, Hermeth could only resolve to one significant remark:
“Still can’t find my goddamn meth“.
Such an absence may account for the final track “4C48” which slows down the EP, even if only by a micro fraction. With a soundscape of dominating sirens whose echoes reverberate over a relatively mellow acid-bass line, “4C48” is the perfect conclusory track to wrap up this electro madness journey. 
As Brainwaves’ fifth release of 2020, it seems that the Swiss crew just do not stop. These final months are sure to see the crew championing the revival of the electro we are all nostalgic for. 
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