Hip-hop artist Daz Rinko explores the complexities of a break-up on “When You Call Me"

Memphis-based hip-hop artist Daz Rinko delves into the conflicting feelings of a bad break up on smooth dance track “When You Call Me,” tapping into his signature upbeat musicality as soft, melodic vocals from singer Blair Lee merge seamlessly with Rinko’s powerful, swaggy verses. Written in 2019 but hitting much closer to home after a recent breakup, the relatable track takes on a much more personal meaning as it channels the vulnerability that comes with ending a relationship.

With pulsating beats that cut through an emotive exploration of loving someone who isn’t good for you, “When You Call Me,” produced by Cheap Limousine achieves a delicate balances two contrasting energies as anthemic dance vibes move alongside quiet self-reflection. Accompanied by a stylish visualiser, the hazy yet vivid story-telling of the polished production is given an added layer of intricacy.

Bursting onto the scene in 2016 with his mixtape LIFTED,Daz Rinko found success quickly on the back of his empowering, intelligent music that deconstruct and discuss issues that he and many Black men face. Having consistently honed his groovy sound across multiple releases over the years, this latest foray from the promising talent gives us a glimpse of what he has up his sleeve in the musical journey ahead.

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