Hip-hop talent T- Huny gives first peek at EP on “Relax Me”

Hip-hop powerhouse T- Huny offers a glimpse of her upcoming EP Life on Paper with uber-anthemic track “Relax Me,” hinged on her fierce delivery and booming beats as it kickstarts an intimate journey through the rapper’s past, present, and future. Backdropped by groovy touches of synths and pulsing basslines, the track brings focus to T-Huny’s vocal versatility as she moves from smooth rap verses into a sultry sing-song chorus.

Taken from the EP, which she describes a diary entry of deeply personal topics like domestic violence, the catchy production weaves a positive and self-confident soundtrack that people can lose themselves in. Highlighting the whimsical feels of the music she started creating as a young girl while simultaneously boasting the polished refinement that years in music has granted her, the track reveals the cathartic nature of what’s to come from T-Huny.

A love for music and poetry saw LaTasha Williamson bloom into her creative persona of T-Huny back in 2006, and since then she has never looked back as she focused on not just creating punchy soundscapes for people to enjoy, but giving music lovers the opportunity to pursue their own dreams through her digital radio station, Star Music Radio. Her forthcoming body of work is set to pull us further into her world of relatable messages cushioned on pulsing melodies.

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