HOGTRUCKER delivers dancefloor dynamo with new album ‘HOGTIED’

HOGTRUCKER‘s latest album, HOGTIED, represents a significant milestone in the artist’s journey from the Western Massachusetts Pioneer Valley music scene to the dynamic nightlife of Las Vegas. Known for his distinctive fusion of pop-punk vocals, infectious beats, and dark, driving synths, HOGTRUCKER has achieved acclaim with past hits like “House Show” and “Diskogoth.”

The new album, “HOGTIED,” consists of eight tracks that effortlessly span various genres, including garage, drum and bass, house, techno, and EDM. It is a compelling exploration of the diverse landscape of dance music, unified by HOGTRUCKER’s signature darkwave pop style.

One of the album’s standout tracks, “Bumpin’,” co-produced with Sevenths, stands out as a high-energy house-pop anthem tailored to become the ultimate party track of the summer. HOGTRUCKER has emphasized that the track aims to capture the infectious spirit of the album.

In reflecting on “HOGTIED,” HOGTRUCKER explains that the album encapsulates his journey from club nights in Las Vegas to learning to DJ in New York and returning to a busy DJ schedule in Vegas. Thematically, the album explores the concept of being ‘hogtied’ by various situations, including personal relationships and a deep connection to his favorite city, Las Vegas.

In “HOGTIED,” HOGTRUCKER displays artistic growth and delivers an album that serves as a love letter to his past experiences and a bold statement of his evolution as an artist.

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