Holiday looks for true understanding in his new single "Black and White"

Emerging singer/songwriter Holiday's latest, "Black and White," sees him blend R&B with dancehall elements. The record has a sublime and ethereal texture that slowly builds into a punchy dancehall groovy jam.

"Black and White" details the variables and dynamics of trying to understand a girl you love but things aren't so "black and white," and it's actually more complex than it looks. Holiday's melodic style makes use of parallel effects and stacked-up harmonies that give a captivating atmospheric aura, different for a dancehall-infused track. The track is produced by Kenyan producer O D D Z who will be making most of Holiday's forthcoming music.

Holiday is a bubbling R&B artist who is trying to make his name known in the bigger circle. Most of his past is shrouded in mystery as he wants his music to speak for him rather than his background. He has an EP Summer Is Mine and is currently back in the studio working on music that draws inspiration from his past relationships and also as a form of therapy for the young artist.

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