Holy Motors go to “Country Church” with mesmerizing new single [VIDEO]

Part dream pop, part imagined Americana melancholy, Holy Motors are the embodiment of cowboy chic. With the success of their debut LP Slow Sundown, the ex Soviet cowboys make a return with the single “Country Church” ahead of their forthcoming album titled Horse.

“Country Church” embraces classic major key country in its velvety guitar lines that weave around lead singer Eliann Tulve’s ethereal vocals. The rockabilly meets Mazzy Star melodies are moody and nostalgic, and spacious drums and gentle repetition build the track into something fresh. 

Holy Motors formed in Estonia in 2013 around a desire to transcend long Estonian winters by consuming sun drenched American western films and Americana music. In turn, the band turned familiar country music aesthetics and shoegaze sensibilities into a sound that is uniquely dark and striking.

The accompanying visuals provide a glimpse into what “Country Church” looks like to Holy Motors: a dreamy landscape full of flowers and farm animals. Tulve dons a ruffled rodeo-inspired dress and black cowboy hat as she roams through the beautiful scenery, riding a horse or holding a lamb. Cows and horses run through fields dotted by yellow flowers. This video depicts an idyllic world that is of Holy Motors’ making, a place worth escaping to, if only for a couple of minutes. 

Catch Horse, out October 16th on Warf Cat Records. Available for pre-order here. 

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