Homeboy Sandman & Quelle Chris team up on the unconventional hip-hop release “Extinction”

“Extinction” is the newest release from the duo of Homeboy Sandman and Quelle Chris who recently teamed up for an exciting new forthcoming project.

“Extinction” is a gloomy offbeat track that looks at the changing societal behaviors in recent times. From the way, social media and the world around us have changed greatly, Homeboy Sandman takes a deep dive into the lies, posturing, and more. He tries to come to terms with the path mankind is taking but he just can’t wrap his head around it. He observes the situation with lines like “Oh my God, we’re in the era of trying too hard, everybody is so afraid to make mistakes” and in a way shakes his head when he adds “It has gotten audacious, the extent we have to take it back to basics, regardless what your race is/ if you judge people by their race, you’re a racist

The track produced by Quelle Chris is far from traditional with a quirky jagged drum arrangement, moodier sound design, and orchestral effects. The unconventional arrangement serves as the perfect fit for a subject matter that deals with the ever dynamic relationships between humans.

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“Extinction” is taken from Homeboy Sandman and Quelle Chris’s forthcoming project Don’t Feed The Monster. Pre-order it here. The album will be released on Oct 16th via Mello Music Group.

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