Hong Kong Boyfriend offers up something sweet and emotionally satisfying on “Tiramisu”

Alt-R&B newcomer Hong Kong Boyfriend has shared his sophomore single, “Tiramisu.” The LA-via-Bay Area artist, who was born in Japan, garnered initial success from blogs and Spotify playlists on his debut single, “Cold Waters,” released earlier this summer.

There’s a certain gravitational pull to Hong Kong Boyfriend’s resonance that beautifully meets at the intersection of R&B, folk, and alt-pop. With his latest offering, “Tiramisu,” he draws from his influences Frank Ocean and Bon Iver, but regardless of big name inspirations, there’s stark originality found every step of the way. Clocking in at less than three minutes long, the sonic voyage is ephemeral yet memorable. Hong Kong Boyfriend’s skilled vocals, smooth arrangements, and self-assured lyrics as it relates to the perplexities of love will have listeners swept up by his emotional currents.

“‘Tiramisu’ is about being in love with someone you’re not supposed to be with and the feeling of being seen for who you truly are; But you thought you found the answer when you really only just understood the question,” says Hong Kong Boyfriend over email.
“Tiramisu” follows the August release of “Cold Waters.” Expect more music from Hong Kong Boyfriend before the year wraps up.

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