Hot Freaks are back with a charismatic new single “Puppy Princess” [Video]

Do you remember that guy in your middle school or high school days that was considered to be the class clown? Everyone found him so humorous, but it would still be unlikely for him to ever get an actual date. Hot Freaks‘ new release “Puppy Princess” details the familiar scenario of that goofy guy fighting so hard to win over a crush that is just out of his reach. With laid-back synths and Beach Boys style vocals, it radiates with an ethereal, lush quality. Starting off relaxed and then building to a bright, energetic chorus, everything about this track is utterly infectious.

The visuals are just as playful as the song’s message. The lead singer hangs out with a person in a chicken costume throughout the piece, cranking up those silly vibes. From riding on a bike together to sitting on the beach, the two are an unlikely pairing, matching the tune’s theme of unattainable love.

Hot Freaks are a Minneapolis indie-pop outfit that amicably parted ways in 2015. Now back on the scene, they are ready to shake things up. Members Leo Vondracek (frontman), Darin Dahlmeier, Cody Brown (drums), Sarah Darnall (bass), and Celeste (keyboard) are currently skyrocketing into success with the offering blowing up on TikTok and Spotify. Vondracek reveals, “‘Puppy Princess’ is the classic tale of a sad clown with an unattainable crush.  The narrator feels ‘goofy’ and ‘funny’ in the eyes of his friend’s girlfriend, but he would rather feel ‘legit.’  He is washing dishes at a restaurant when his friends come in on a date.  As he perceives them to be together and complete, he spirals into despair —lamenting his own situation and longing for true love’s kiss.”

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