Hotel's "Holy Smokes" provides listeners with a sense of hope

Sydney artist Hotel (Andrew Tudehope) has in just two releases – the first being his debut single, "Loose Change" – built up a name for himself into one of the best new acts coming out of Australia, due to his ability to leave the genre behind and focus on music that gets listeners moving and lyrics that are not only relatable but focused on providing the listener with a sense of hope.

Hotel · Holy Smokes (feat. Obi Ill Terrors)

In his latest release offering, Hotel has once again teamed up with childhood friend and rapper – Obi ill (Conor Grealish) on a song that sees the two artists' genre-bending song that brings together rock, punk, hip hop, and Australiana through the use of digital basslines, acoustic guitars, consistent drum beats and dry vocals throughout its nearly three-minute-long runtime.

This song once again sees Billy Gunns and Joshua Pearson teaming up with Tudehope on production, in a song explores the story of forgetting about the grass on the other side of the hill and just enjoying what you have, per se, and whilst trying to transpire a song about hope in times that seem darkest, Conors verse works really well as a contradicting emotion to what Hotel is singing about.

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