Hourstone shares emotive new release “Carry You (Like I Do)” [Video]

Hourstone has shared a new song and music video, “Carry You (Like I Do)”. Inspired by the challenges of life, Hourstone’s journey into music began as a way to cope with the loss of a loved one. After the passing of Hourstone’s father, the artist found solace in creating music, marking the origin story of Hourstone as a musician. This deeply personal and transformative experience became the driving force behind “Carry You (Like I Do),” infusing it with genuine emotion and intensity. 

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“Carry You (Like I Do)” contains darkly atmospheric instrumentation centred around dream-like keys, raw sheets of guitars, and minimalistic, layered percussion. Hourstone’s rich baritone provides a contrast to the airy, orchestral sonic backdrop, while he weaves together dynamic, memorable lines with ease.

“Carry You (Like I Do)” is an inner dialogue— a conversation with oneself, offering support and encouragement during life’s most challenging moments. It acknowledges the harsh realities of life, where the world can be unforgiving and cold, and it speaks to the resilience within all of us to overcome adversity.

The cinematic music video for “Carry You (Like I Do)” enhances the song’s emotive themes with dimly-lit, expressive shots and a heartfelt performance from Hourstone.

Regarding “Carry You (Like I Do)”, Hourstone says, “this song is a profoundly emotional journey for me. It’s not for surface-level entertainment, but about inner strength, searching for something to hold on to, about carrying yourself through life,” says Hourstone. “My hope is that “Carry You (Like I Do)” could become a lifelong companion for everyone who wants more from music. It doesn’t shy away from the serious sides of life, but addresses them and is there for everyone who needs it. It’s my origin story. From a time when I was deeply troubled by loss and began to write music. This song is a small gift to others in need of solace in the face of life’s tragedies.”

Hourstone’s latest “Carry You (Like I Do),” which delves into the raw and powerful themes of loss, grief, and inner strength. This poignant composition is born from Hourstone’s own life experiences, making it a moving offering that connects on a deeply human level.

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