Howard Kaye shares a glimpse of his refreshed sound on " Last Generation"

UK artist Howard Kaye showcases his experimental sonic style on “Last Generation,” a track which explores the relatable message of taking life for granted. Reflecting on the very human reaction of putting ourselves first when faced with trouble, the track leads with a combination of droning guitars and beats layered over Kaye’s soaring vocals.

Pinned to Kaye’s observations of how people went out of their ways to protect themselves over anyone else, especially during the pandemic, the track is deceptively catchy with a hard-hitting chorus that gets us playing it on repeat. Tapping into a genre-hopping sound that has seen him jump from the world of hip-hop and electronic to rock and beyond, the track establishes Kaye’s ability to build power-packed soundscapes around intelligent song writing.

Inspired by the likes of Linkin Park and Slipknot, Kaye’s endless passion for music has simmered and bloomed from a young age has led him to develop himself as an explorative act, launched forward by confidence and authenticity. Offering “Last Generation,” as the first glimpse of his experimental, reinvented sound, Kaye comes out of his creative shell.

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