hs. long for something great on new single “slip and slide”

Blessing our ears with ethereal soundscapes, hs. share their new single “slip and slide”. The Oregan-based songwriters showcase their sparse, textured rhythms with polarizing synth patterns and melodious vocals. It’s a blissful journey of atmospheric sounds, just listen below:¬†

Layering organic sounds with gritty, synthetic pulses, “slip and slide” is an abundance of atmospheric glitches. Balancing a fine line of tenderness, the track is elegantly constructed to make those hazy mornings much more peaceful. Explaining the single, the band says: “”slip and slide” explores the feeling of longing for something great and all-encompassing all the while not necessarily knowing what that is. Do you know that feeling? When you have an overwhelming amount of emotion inside to achieve some great love or at least your stitched together idea of it.”

“slip and slide” is part of the duo’s Slip and Slide EP which is also out now.

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