Husko drops carefree disco banger "Goodnight"

Malta-born DJ and producer, Husko drops soulful and escapist anthem “Goodnight,” an infectious offering which taps into his trademark house sound framed by nu-disco sensibilities. Driven by funk styled piano chords and an earthy bassline, the banger takes us back to sunny days and carefree parties within its groovy disco sound.

Having come alive amidst lockdown,”Goodnight,” thrums with a vibe that ushers in freedom and escapism that the past year and half didn’t afford us. With an universal sonic appeal that anyone can lose themselves in, Husko infuses catchy vocals with glitchy sonics for a musical experience that’s nostalgic, uplifting – and one that will get people dancing along.

After taking a step back to refine and reinvent his sound, Husko came back with full power on recent EP Dance Roots. Now a year into his return with a more polished style, Husko’s path is brightly lit with a slew of incoming releases that will mark his 2022.

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