I.Am.Tru.Starr resurfaces with his powerful new album, ‘Viva’

With the world in turmoil, people are increasingly turning to entertainment as a means of distraction or solace. For some, they want to be whisked away to a world where pandemics and social issues aren’t at the forefront, while others want to confirm the things that are happening around them. Coming out of Las Vegas by way of Rochester, New York, rising artist I.Am.Tru.Starr makes music for both mindsets, and he proves it on his enjoyable new album, Viva.

Clocking in at 27-minutes, Viva is a thought-provoking and a highly-engaging album that finds Tru establishing himself as a well-rounded artist. Known for his soulful vocals and introspective songwriting abilities, he utilizes Viva as an opportunity to level up. On tracks like, “Selena,” he provides a festive narrative about a beautiful woman that has him vexed, while on records like, “Drake Type Beat,” he lets his guard down a bit more, baring more personal information about how he feels on certain topics. Showcasing his aforementioned vocal range, he most notably uses the project to talk about what’s important on songs like, “Killing Me,” and, “Something’s Gotta Give.” Produced by Skylo, the latter was the album’s single, and without a doubt garnered some attention. Speaking precisely on what’s been going on in the World, his poignant words make for an honest, yet necessary, performance, which was buoyed by this incredible video.

“The inspiration behind the album is just me appreciating and being thankful for life,” Tru says while speaking on the album, “I’ve grown a lot over these years, becoming a father, and I feel I’ve gotten a more clear and vivid picture of what life is about. I’m thankful for it.” Continuing, he finishes off with one last sentiment, “This covid sh*t has put so much in perspective for me that I’ve just been left in a place of appreciation for life and humbled by the blessing that it is.”

In all, Viva is Tru finding himself, musically, during a period of personal and national turmoil. Utilizing the 11-tracks to let off an array of different emotions, Tru provides something for every listener on this project. 

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