I Hate Models launches new label, Disco Inferno, with 3 track EP

One of techno’s most in-demand names at the moment, I Hate Models has launched his own label — Disco Inferno. First up comes a three-track, relentlessly fun EP from the label-head himself. For lovers of all things speedy, Disco Inferno 01 serves up three cuts of pedal-to-the-metal rave tracks. Stepping into a slightly different sound, Disco Inferno 01 opens a new door, bringing some fun back to techno.

“Two Steps From Heaven” jumps straight in with pounding basslines and bouncy melodies layered over ever-so-slight drones. It’s relentlessly groovy, and will no doubt be a staple in sets once warehouses are filled again. Because that’s exactly what it is, big room warehouse music — done extremely well. Fast, hypnotic, and brimming with energy, I Hate Models dives right in at the deep end here.

“Sad Groove” opens in a ruthless manner, with viciously chopped vocals winding into a storming bassline that was made to dance to. The recurrence of raw, messy vocals gives the track a slightly more industrial edge, though this is balanced our by atmospheric synths for an emotional tinge. The track plays out into a more euphoric tone, with light vocals and bouncy kicks brightening things up. “Lazy in Hell” rounds things off with a full-throttle, fiercely fun techno slammer. Peppered with vocals that add a pleasant depth to the track, it’s mean, murky and downright grimy — which is a compliment, of course.

Disco Inferno 01 can be streamed and purchased via Bandcamp.

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