I M U R & Teon Gibbs share infectious single "No Strings"

Vancouver's I M U R and Teon Gibbs have joined forces to share an infectious new cut called "No Strings". The rising artists are carving their own lanes in Vancouver's burgeoning R&B and hip-hop scene, and they share a natural chemistry that shines through on this release. Always looking to expand their sounds, this new single finds them staying true to their groovy alternative R&B roots while also branching out artistically. 

The instrumental for "No Strings" is beautifully spacey, inducing a trance-like effect through hypnotic percussion and dreamy keys. Underscored by powerful bass, this beat contains a groove that is simply addictive, giving the song much replay value. Moreover, I M U R and Gibbs deliver smooth, engaging vocals that draw us deeply into the song's atmosphere. Their melodies are sharply crafted and carry an effortless charisma, matching the energy of the laid-back, elegant instrumental.

Having built strong local fanbases in Vancouver's music scene as well as beyond, I M U R and Teon Gibbs continue their evolution with "No Strings". Pairing sharp songwriting sensibilities with soothing production, this track is one that beckons multiple re-listens. Hopefully more is soon to come from this duo, who undoubtedly share a natural chemistry on this offering.

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