Igwe Aka shares vivid new visual for “iCarly” [Video]

Igwe Aka has shared a new visual for his upbeat, dream-like single, “iCarly.” The Nigerian-born, Northern California-based musician has been gaining a buzz for his refreshing, eclectic style, and this newest release certainly lives up to his budding reputation as a boundary-pushing new artist.

Sonically, “iCarly” is centred around evocative guitars and bouncy percussion, tied together by a rich bass. Underneath, spacey synths are added in swirling layers, creating a psychedelic concoction of sounds. Over top of the mystical beat, Aka comes through with some charismatic, catchy vocals that draw the listener in immediately. He plays with melodies in a carefree manner, stringing together beautiful verses and a memorable chorus with effortless confidence. 

Moreover, the accompanying visual for “iCarly” is mesmerizing, featuring hazy, surreal shots that encapsulate the celestial sound of the song. Shot by Bella Valentini, the video is smoky and comforting, while also remaining exciting throughout. Showing incredible attention to detail, the visual is vivid and emotionally stirring.

Overall, “iCarly” is a strong release from Igwe Aka, who shows much potential with this offering. It is evident that he is an artist who refuses to limit himself, willing to exercise his full creative powers through his eclectic style. With both an enticing sound and a magical visual, “iCarly” is certainly a release to visit again and again. 

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