Ill Diam announces that it’s “Game Time”

Ill Diam has established himself as one of the foremost flag bearers in regards to production in Ireland and it’s that he can also bar with the best of them on his new solo track “Game Time.” 

Ill Diam has made a name for himself as a producer in Ireland working with the likes of Tebi Rex and Celviedamai as well as releasing various solo projects. “Game Time” see’s the producer show us a whole new side of him with a bar heavy release that acts as a perfect introduction to Diam for new listeners. 

The main beat in “Game Time” showcases all the things we have come to expect from Ill Diam. The 808’s are loud and slide all over the record and the swing in the drums and the hi-hat patterns are sporadic and spectacular. The sample is flipped to perfection but expected from the production prowess we have come to know from Ill Diam. Ill Diam pulls through in the rap delivery asl well, with explosive punchlines and eclectic flows. The witty lines blended effortlessly into the infectious chorus are a match made in heaven. Attention needs to be paid to the mixing on this record. The sheer quality in sound across both the production and vocals makes for an overall incredible listening experience. 

Ill Diam is far from finished in regards to releasing music this year. Currently building his following on YouTube with his fun tutorials and blog like activity he’s slowly amassing a following worthy of the talent he possesses and we very excited to see where he goes from here. 

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