Imogen Mahdavi crafts a universal love letter in new single “Some Things Are Best Over Said”

What is love but both a pledge and a surrender, a sensation that frees completely, that is what Imogen Mahdavi’s latest single “Some Things Are Best Over Said” carries within and does it with such ease. From its wavy electric guitar intro to the entrance of Mahdavi’s poignant vocals and all the way to the song’s marching beat and growing harmonies, there is a vision of a relationship forged to withstand come what may. If a love letter is what the listener is searching for, Mahdavi delivers ones worth remembering. 

“Some Things Are Best Over Said” continues the rise of Imogen Mahdavi, whose music effortlessly sways from indie-pop to alternative folk and finds a nook in the industry that belongs to her, with this new track, she is getting cozier. It is the rich and complex production of the music that gives it a simple feel and allows each note to shine for a connection that is honest and organic. Mahdavi’s elegant vocals fit right in that simplicity and give it life.

“If you make me happy, I want to shout it from the rooftops and show my appreciation. I think we get too fixated on being too much for others, not being cool enough, but there is nothing more dope to me than an honest heart and someone who isn’t afraid of being judged for showing it.” Mahdavi comments on “Some Things Are Best Over Said” and dares others to explore the same through her music. The world is now far too complex for appearances and cold calculations: the time for a daredevil type of love is now, Imogen Mahdavi is taking that leap.

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