In dark times, Brett Cameron reminds us to have “Faith”

“Faith” is the third single off Brett Cameron’s upcoming album Add Colour (which Cameron says is spelled the British way for purely aesthetic reasons). The instrumentals for the track were drafted pre-lockdown, but its lyrical content was born out of the anxious uncertainty of its beginning.

The verses found in “Faith” are analog and soulful reminders to hold onto hope and persevere through all the challenges life may throw your way. Though the song can get dark and heavy at times, the bright synths in the chorus bring subtle glimmers of light and hope.

“The record overall is a sort of hopeful body of work that is sort of celebrating everything life has to throw at you, whether the good or the bad, because it allows you to appreciate the color so to speak,” explains Cameron. “What “Faith’” represents in that bigger body of work is sort of the cornerstone of the whole record in the sense that it’s one of the starkest looks at the darker colors so to speak, or the larger struggles of the human condition and our own darker sides. It takes a look at that and says that ‘I still have faith in the better parts of who I am and the better parts of who we are as a collective.’ I think that the record as a whole is a reckoning with those darker colors in order to celebrate all the good parts of what life has to offer.”

Add Colour is set for release in the early fall, but Cameron plans on dropping a few more singles in the interim. His sophomore album will arrive only a year after his debut album It Comes in Waves & When It’s Here I’ll Know. He always makes good time; after all, he watched the entirety of The Office in only a week and a half.

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