India Jordan’s “For You” EP radiates nostalgia and euphoria

India Jordan has returned to Local Action to release their second EP. Joyous, introspective, and showcasing an ear for a mass of different genres, For You is undoubtably one of the most exciting releases of 2020. Described as their “biggest, best, and most personal body of work yet,” Jordan marks their place as one of the scenes fastest-rising stars.

India Jordan · (I’m Waiting) Just 4 U

“I’m Waiting (Just 4 U)” is probably the catchiest dance track you’ll hear this year;  euphoric disco and house elements make this a track that was destined to be one of this festival season’s greatest hits. It’s an unforgettable track to kick things off with — this years summer season might be on hold but “I’m Waiting (Just 4 U)” will still be doing the rounds for years to come. “For You” is equally as exuberant as its predecessor, with glimmering synths and vocals radiant enough to mentally transport you straight to the dancefloor, wherever that may be. Designed to be just as effective in the club or on a boat party, “For You” is nothing short of an absolute banger.

Jordan displays a more thoughtful and contemplative sound in “Emotional Melodical.” Though it’s still club music, it takes a step back, allowing a moment to breathe before thrusting us straight back in at the deep end with “Rave City.” “Emotional Melodical” is one of those tracks that has an uncanny way of bringing heavy waves of nostalgia with it; a welcome contrast amongst the rave-ready sounds the rest of the EP brings. “Rave City,” though beginning in a calm and collected manner, soon breaks down into exactly what you might expect from the title. Filled with gleeful breaks which build in intensity as the track unwinds, this one is perfect for causing peak-time ruckus on the dancefloor. On most releases, this could be a standout track — on this EP, it’s impossible to choose.

“Westbourne Ave” takes the EP on a complete u-turn, offering us a sparkling drum ‘n’ bass roller. Jordan’s ability to produce such quality tracks across such a wide variety of genres should not go unnoticed. The way each track feels as though it belongs on the same release makes it extra special. “Dear Nan King” brings things to a close in the most fitting way imaginable. Subtle vocals, soft breaks and cheerful melodies make it perfect to go out on. A track which was absolutely made for sunrises at European festivals, it manages to wind things down whilst keeping the sensation of sheer elatedness rife.

For You can be streamed via Spotify and purchased via Bandcamp.

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