Indie alt-rock duo MESSMAKER encourage self-belief on “We Are The Architects”

Cleveland indie alt-rock duo MESSMAKER reject mundanity on “We Are The Architects,” an anthemic production that urges us to push our limits and believe in our potential.The first track since their 2020 debut album Through The Fire, “We Are The Architects,” sees the pair take a mature turn in their indie rock artistry.

Originally released as stripped-down acoustic song for lead singer Michael McFarland’s solo project, the track was later infused with MESSMAKER’s signature of aggressively catchy melodies and soul-filled lyrics with percussionist Freja McNeal’sexplosive energy elevating the whole experience.

Speaking about the inspiring message behind the track, they say “As we grow up and grapple with the pressures of adulthood, it’s far too easy to lose connection with that vision and belief that we can make the world a place we want to live. We get to choose what the future will be, for our generation and those that come after.”

Known for their captivating live performances and expansive artistry, MESSMAKER craft songs that come straight from their heart to find a home in ours carried by big, bright indie rock sonics.

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