Indie duo All The Rest reinvent themselves with new single “Heat Sweat”

Indie pop band All The Rest drop upbeat single “Heat Sweat,”  offering laid-back retro pop vibes with an energetic twist of electro-pop. The first release from the quartet-turned-duo, in over a year, the track sees the band come out of a hiatus, renewed with purpose and passion.

Described as a song “for anyone who’s ever been stuck in the friend zone,” the journey to “Heat Sweat,” is far more empowering than the simple, relatable message conveys. Taken from their forthcoming EP All The Rest, the catchy track soars with hazy vocals and bright, guitar-led instrumentals that feel like the light at the end of the tunnel for the musicians.

Speaking about the creative process, the band says “None of us were in a great place and there was a lot of internal resentment. Somewhere along the way we let our passions undermine our personal relationships.Flash forward to 2021, all in a much better place, but still asking ourselves “Are we really done? Is that all we have to say?” Learning to focus on themselves, they leave their struggles behind, instead zeroing in on the stories they want to tell the world through their music.

Formed by four best friends in the Atlanta town of Senoia to achieving rising star status in 2019 with debut LP Our Youth, the band’s indefinite hiatus culminated with frontmen/singers Caleb Smith and Baylee Waller reconnecting at the beginning of 2021.

Today, All The Rest are set to embark on their second chance as a duo, having been on an enriching journey of ups and downs framed by sheer dedication to their craft.Hitting reset on their promising career, “Heat Sweat,” is an indie pop gem that sees them on the cusp of more success rejuvenating their reputation as an act to watch.

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