Indie-electronica act Enter Sceptre explores one-sided love on “Tormentor”

Actor, musician, and YouTube personality Cascina Caradonna has brought her love for music to life under the alias of Voyager, and the indie-electronica band Enter Sceptre, crafting an immersive, narrative-led project rooted in the prowess of imagination and a layered musicality.

On latest offering “Tormentor,” we’re offered an emotive exploration of one-sided love, encapsulating the ruthlessness and pain born from the feeling. Opening with a soulful orchestration that soars toward a powerful guitar solo and undercut by pop-laden electronic beats, the track is poignant as it transitions smoothly from upbeat beginnings to an intense climax.

Echoing vocals and thoughtful song writing complete the expressive sonic journey that is “Tormentor,” leaves us with the perfect representation of the devastation and bliss of being human.

Best known as the face model of prominent video game character Dina from The Last of Us Part: II, Caradonna who fell in love with music at an early age found solace in music amid the pandemic, rekindling her passion and whipping up a transportive sonic world for us to delve into with each new release

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